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And some of their facts
Whale shark:D
• Whale sharks have teeth in their eyes:o
• Whale sharks are cartilaginous:)
• Whale sharks are filter feeders:3
Song for them:p
No Surprises by Radiohead
No Surprises
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Lemon sharks:3
• The largest lemon shark ever recorded was around 12.1 feet (3.7 m) long :o
• Lemon sharks can weigh up to 551 pounds (250 kg) and live up to 30 years :>
• Lemon sharks can be found at depths up to 300 feet:)
Song for them:D
Eighth Wonder by Lemon Demon
Eighth Wonder
Lemon Demon
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Hammer head shark:o
• There are nine species of hammerhead shark in the world:,)
• Hammerheads can use their heads to aid in hunting:D
• Hammerheads are unaffected by stingray barbs:3
Song for them:)
Devil's Train by The Lab Rats
Devil's Train
The Lab Rats
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Bull sharks:)
• Bull Sharks 'Out-Bite' Great Whites:>
• They Can Thrive in Freshwater or Saltwater:D
• Their Digestion Helps Them Distract Predators:o
Tranz by Gorillaz
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Song for them:o
Sharks are Kool:3
by spike

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