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food lately
random dishes i’ve made recently
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teriyaki chicken
(particularly proud of the presentation here (like really proud))
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grilled cheese & tomato soup
homemade creamy tomato soup and tiny grilled cheese sandwiches on garlic herb bread
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nutella french toast
(using brioche rolls)
not to toot my own horn, but the first bite was like heaven
drooling just thinking about it
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yes there was pineapple on it but hear me out
it was good.
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crème brûlée sugar cookies (served with berries)
made like 100 of these at 2am and finally got to use my handy dandy kitchen torch again
presentation was not great but they were delicious
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attempted latte art
this is so much harder than it looks
honorable mention:
medium rare steak & sautéed spinach topped with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette
didn’t take a picture of it so pls just trust me when i say it was beautiful
food lately
by ryle