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Cosmos Atrosanguineus
“chocolate cosmos”
Native to Mexico, this velvety flower (about 2” across) is highly sought after primarily for its chocolatey scent!
unfortunately it is endangered, and considered extinct in the wild as a result of WWII; however, they can be found in nurseries. if you ever find one, don’t pass it up!
this sweet smelling flower might also attract unique butterfly species :)
temptation flowers can reach up to 7 inches wide and 25 inches tall. they’re perennials that, when planted in October, will bloom around Christmastime every year. Considering their striking color scheme, their bloom time makes them all the more special. :)
Amaryllis “temptation”
Forever Susan Asiatic Lily
a hybrid lily native only to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. although, for obvious reasons, it is well known and distributed worldwide.
this perennial will bloom throughout the summer, and you can expect to see a range of colors from a deep purple, to a velvety burgundy, with a beautiful orange color at the tip of each petal.
Gladiolus “Black Star”
the gladiolus, native primarily to South Africa, is genus to so many beautiful plants, but the black star is one of my favorites. it’s a perennial, blooming in spring and summer. The name Gladiolus originates from Gladius, the Latin word for “sword”
these are also often referred to as “sword lilies” “black star sword lily” goes so hard
by ryle

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