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a story of friends who grew up in a boarding school, isolated from society- raised for the sole purpose of scientific experimentation.
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Never Let Me Go
discusses love, loss, and critiques human morality with the vulnerable and different being treated as less than.
reading difficulty- I would say intermediate, but it’s really slow. so, very difficult if you have a short attention span 😭
a cafe where customers are able to time travel as long as they get back before their coffee gets cold.
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Before The Coffee Gets Cold
reading difficulty - easy
a foster family taking in a teen father who wants nothing more than to be with his daughter, Jupiter.
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Orbiting Jupiter
(learned to love this book after I stopped crying)
reading difficulty - easy
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If Cats Disappeared
a man must choose one thing a day to completely disappear from the world in exchange for an extra day of life.
what would you make disappear if you were in his position?
reading difficulty - easy
a satire about a suburban family grappling with the fear of death.
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White Noise
explores rampant consumerism through repetition, conformity, and the role technology plays in modern society.
reading difficulty- intermediate (???)
this book is bizarre. if you don’t want to read it, I recommend the movie :) the accuracy to the book is almost spot on
books I read recently :)
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