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want to become a plant parent? don’t know where to start?
below I’ve listed some low-maintenance house plants that will be great for beginners <3
*note: while these plants are very low maintenance, if any of them interest you, be sure to do a little extra research before taking them into your care. :)
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Money Tree
Money Trees prefer indirect over direct sunlight, so they make great indoor plants.
you should let soil dry between watering, which usually means watering every 1-2 weeks. up to 3.
for pruning, just snip off overgrown branches.
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Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos
all your devil’s ivy needs is some sunlight and watering every 1-2 weeks.
they’re very drought tolerant, so if you miss watering day, this plant will be very forgiving about it. :)
*these guys grow fast in my experience, if you snip off a stem and put it in water it’ll grow its own roots :)
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Hoya Kerrii Heart Succulent
not only is this the cutest plant, like, ever… but it also literally thrives on neglect.
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give them lots of sunlight, water them a little every few weeks, and you’re set.
they also make adorable valentine’s gifts <3
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Monstera Deliciosa
*they aren’t picky, but filtered water can be more beneficial for them.
water every 1-2 weeks
these do well in bright indirect sunlight, and lower light/shaded areas. expect to water less often in shaded areas. :)
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they like humidity, so if your monstera is looking a little droopy, it probably needs water.
* some plants are more temperamental than others, but their leaves will always tell you what they need.
most plants don’t ask for much, but keeping them healthy is SO rewarding. good luck!! <3
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beginner’s plant care
by ryle