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Signs of ovarian cancer
Signs of ovarian cancer
Made this little guide to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. Always make sure to get checked even when you’re young!
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What is ovarian cancer?
A cancer that begins in one side of the ovary. Often goes undetected until it spreads across your belly. A tumor will start to grow inside the ovary and can expand as big as 30cm!
Why does it happen?
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There is no definite cause. However, there are factors that can increase risk! Typically is found in older women but anyone of any age can have it.
Common Symptoms
To know if you have this cancer, it will require an official diagnosis. There are typically no prominent symptoms in the early stages, which is why it’s so important to start getting your yearly checkups when you turn 22!
Late stage Symptoms to check for:
- Hard lump in the pelvis - Extreme bloating that won’t go away - Indigestion or acid reflux - Nausea or loss of appetite - Sudden weight loss - Swollen lymph nodes - Face is puffy
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Treatments depend on stage and severity! Often times you will need surgery to remove the tumor and potential chemotherapy. Larger tumors require more invasive surgeries.
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I think i may have it. What should i do?
First, don’t freak out! Everything will be okay. 🧡 Go speak with your doctor right away and get confirmation. From then on, find out what the best treatments for you are. My biggest mistake was neglecting my own health and avoiding the truth because of fear, which in turn made things worse and harder to treat. Speed is very important!
Take care of your body and prioritize your health over anything 🫶🏻
Ovarian Cancer!
by jamie

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